How To Liquidate FBA Stock And Amazon Overstock

If you are an seller interested in disposing of excess stock, we may be the right closeout buyer for you. Maybe you are a successful Amazon seller with overstock and excess inventory sitting in an FBA warehouse, or you may be changing product lines and need to get rid of old inventory costing you high storage fees. Perhaps you tried selling on Amazon but things didn't go as planned, so you have large quantities of surplus merchandise you must liquidate

Whatever the reason, Merchandise USA can help you. We have been in the wholesale liquidation business for 33 years and are accustomed to working with liquidations of all kinds including surplus stock, bankruptcy, overstock, closeouts, business closings, and slow moving inventory. When it comes to closeout sales we are one of the oldest and most reputable liquidators in the United States.

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Our liquidation company builds solid relationships with our vendors.

As one of America's leading closeout wholesale liquidators, we have forged wholesale partnerships with hundreds of America's largest companies. Merchandise USA will liquidate your FBA and Amazon closeout and overstock inventory, ship it to our large warehousing and distribution facility in Chicago, and re-sell it into a secondary market that will not affect your everyday sales. Whether you have excess inventory taking up valuable warehouse space, or you are retiring obsolete inventory for new lines, call us first.

We are specialists in buying closeouts.

If you are having an inventory liquidation and are looking for a wholesale liquidator you can trust, contact Merchandise USA today and discover what it is like to do business with an A-1 rated company. We are closeout specialists and buy and sell surplus, discontinued and overstock items. You can make Merchandise USA your #1 source to buy your wholesale overstock, surplus and closeout inventory. We are one of the most experienced wholesale liquidation companies in the industry, and you are in the right place if you are interested in selling your closeouts to one of the industry's oldest closeout companies.

We can help if you need to sell closeouts.
When it comes to selling merchandise online, Amazon can be one of the most profitable ways for a distributor to move inventory.  But it doesn't always work as planned, and we often buy large quantities of excess inventory from Amazon sellers whose plans failed.  Sometimes the items are not priced right and as a result they go to liquidation.  Other times the price is okay but the products are wrong for Amazon and they don't sell well enough.  This may result in you carrying a large overstock inventory in an Amazon FBA warehouse.  It is also possible the competition is simply to fierce, and the seller decides to liquidate all Amazon inventory and move in another direction.

We will guide you and help you to liquidate quickly.
Nobody wants to be in a position where they need to liquidate merchandise.  In fact, chances are you've never been through this before and you can use a little direction.  Fortunately, we have been in the closeout business and liquidation industry for more than 30 years.  We know the ins and outs, and the ups and downs, of the business.  Call us today with any surplus inventory and we will do our best to help you through the process.