Liquidating Inventory From A Charity

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The reselling community for closeouts and excess inventory in the United States is growing by the day. Online sellers are purchasing overstock from all sorts of places to resell on eBay (or elsewhere) at a profit. Resellers can purchase excess inventory from closeout companies that want to sell old inventory, retail stores, charity shops, Wayfair, Amazon and many other places. Companies or warehouses that are liquidating inventory always need new customers to take advantage of these deals; many of them today and selling excess inventory on resale platforms like eBay, Walmart and others.

Resellers can spend thousands of dollars buying surplus inventory from charity shops throughout the year. The charity shops usually get the items donated for free, so when they make a sale they are liquidating inventory and getting some much needed cash towards their cause. It also helps to get stock rotating and out the door. This allows them to sell old inventory instead of leaving the charity to dispose of those items – usually as a cost to the charity. Excess inventory is a problem to most large warehouses or wholesalers; donating closeouts gets it off the books and often helps create much needed space.

Charity shop staff are also often trained on how to price items. They know what to look out for, and they understand how to sell old inventory at lower prices than new closeouts. Items thought to be more valuable are kept aside to explore getting more money for them after weighing up the time it will take against the amount they will receive. Sometimes when liquidating inventory, certain items have more value than others and can be priced for more money. Some closeouts clearly have less value and should be priced appropriately in order to sell them quickly, turn the inventory, and liquidate for cash.

Some people have a problem buying donated goods as closeouts and liquidating inventory as part of an Amazon or eBay sales program. You shouldn’t feel bad about making a profit on charitable goods. You have made a cash contribution to a charity in exchange for excess inventory that was sitting on their shelves. In buying these products you help the charity convert merchandise to cash, so they can then spend cash in their charity. Plus there is the argument that once you have paid the asking price, the item is yours to do with whatever you please. Liquidating inventory puts cash in the hands of the charity so they can hire more people or further their cause.

That's why buying from charity shops and selling on eBay can be a great side hustle or even replace your current income. One helpful hint is to sell what you know. Not only will you need to write a detailed description of the excess inventory you are selling, but potential overstock buyers may contact you with questions. It can be difficult to thoroughly explain the benefits of a product and answer detailed inquiries if you're not all that familiar with the item yourself. Liquidating inventory online is much more than just posting the item for sale. You have to have a considerable amount of product knowledge.

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