Our Miami Showroom Is Filled With New Closeouts For 2022.

liquidating closeouts sell old inventory

Our Miami Showroom is stocked with overstock wholesale deals for customers that want to buy overstock and liquidate merchandise. Located in Miami Gardens, the showroom is conveniently located near both airports and is perfect for inventory buyers looking for closeouts, excess inventory and overstock inventory in the Miami market. We have samples of all liquidation stock on display, and everything ships from our Chicago warehouse located only minutes from O’Hare Airport.

The showroom is a haven for retailers interested in buying housewares closeouts, toy closeouts, stationery merchandise, overstock health and beauty aids, discount home décor, sporting goods, craft closeouts, and all other categories of liquidation merchandise. There are also vendors selling closeout party goods, hosiery, domestics, electronics, dollar store merchandise, furniture and much more. If you are an overstock wholesaler looking for great deals, don’t miss this opportunity. We only buy overstock inventory at deep discounts, and pass along the savings to our customers.

If you are buying closeouts for Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad, Bahamas, Mexico or similar markets, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.. Currently, we have approximately 25 vendors in the building and there are plans to expand due to increased demand. The showroom is conveniently located in Miami Lakes, FL, and it is equal distance between the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami International airports. We liquidate merchandise of all kinds and in any consumer product category. In today’s market, there are always businesses shutting down 3PL warehouses, closing their business, or just getting rid of dead inventory. This creates opportunity for closeout buyers and inventory liquidators who buy overstock.

Although Merchandise USA does most of it's business in the United States, our export business has been one of our best areas for growth. We are always interested in working with new export customers, so if you would like to make an appointment with us in Miami please contact us today. If you are visiting Miami between show dates, we will be happy to make arrangements for you to visit the showroom, meet our showroom coordinator, and have a tour of the facility. If you have a business and liquidate merchandise across the border we can partner with you to sell overstock wholesale merchandise.

Closeouts are a necessary part of running any business. We all have dead stock that isn’t selling and we have to get rid of old inventory. There is a huge demand for closeouts overseas, where you can liquidate merchandise easier and faster than many places in the States. Overstock wholesale buyers in many of the larger South American countries have the ability to purchase large volumes of liquidation merchandise. Many times, businesses don't want to cannibalize their regular channels like liquidators and closeout merchandise buyers, so there is an added impetus to liquidating inventory overseas because there's too much merchandise flooding the domestic market.

Inventory is money sitting around in boxes in your warehouse. And unless you can sell it, excess inventory can be a huge drain on profits. This includes the cost of storing dead inventory and the decreasing value of merchandise that’s perishable or becoming dated. An inventory liquidator will buy your excess merchandise and re-sell it, oftentimes at a discount. There are several things to keep in mind if you decide to go with this option. First, make sure you know what the value is of your merchandise and how much you are asking for before entering into any negotiations. Closeout brokers will take your excess inventory to various buyers often with the intent of getting the highest offer. Getting rid of closeouts is also important because it frees up cash and clears out the warehouse. Surplus inventory buyers can help you through the closeout process and liquidate your inventory stress free.

If your inventory is particularly brand sensitive or includes other factors, then you also need to establish that going into the deal. “Even if the buyer gives you the highest price upfront, if they put your brand in jeopardy or compromise your current sales channels then you still end up losing, Consider the cost of delivering your inventory to the buyer as well. If you need cash quickly, inventory liquidators can be helpful, but you will be selling at liquidation prices. There are overstock buyers in all shapes and sizes and the best way to find one that fits your needs is by doing an online search. Simply asking for closeout liquidation companies, overstock buyers or closeout websites will get you started in the right direction.

Merchandise USA is an inventory liquidator in business 37 years. We specialize in buying closeout of toys, housewares, home décor and sporting goods. We deal in all overstock inventory in almost every consumer category. Selling excess inventory to inventory liquidators can be hassle free. Make us your #1 choice for getting rid of dead stock or old inventory.