What Are The Best Closeout Websites For Selling Excess Inventory?

sell excess inventory

If you are trying to sell excess inventory and discontinued products online, you can literally choose from hundreds of different websites. One factor that may help you decide where to sell is to base your decision on what you are selling. If you are trying to liquidate inventory or get rid of closeouts, you may be better off on sites like overstock.com or walmart.com. But if your goal is to sell high end products or if you want to sell for full retail price, you may be better off trying something like NewEgg or Amazon. Below are 3 of the most popular sites and some of the different benefits each offers.

Amazon. Let’s face it, Amazon is the “go to” for most online shoppers today. Although this may not be the best site for consumers looking for deals on discontinued products and closeouts, it is likely one of the best sites for buyers interested in everyday popular products that they can buy at a fair price. Amazon.com also offers the best shipping and return policies in the industry. From a sellers perspective, this may not be the best place to sell excess inventory and probably isn’t an effective way to liquidate inventory. But if you are selling current and popular products that consumers want, you can do well on Amazon.

Ebay. This is a better closeout website for discount sellers. Ebay shoppers are often more price conscious and they tend to look for bargains. Closeouts sell well on Ebay because these customers want to buy good deals and they are often okay with getting a great price on something as long as the product is in good condition. It doesn’t matter to them if they are regular goods or discontinued products, as long as they are able to get them at a good price. Ebay buyers will often make an offer below the sellers asking price, and this can be a win-win for both the buyer and seller because it’s often a good deal for both. With the right kind of Ebay account, a seller can post as many items for sale as they want, and they can sell excess inventory in large quantities from a warehouse sale, or they can post very small quantities of items they are selling from home. It doesn’t matter, as long as the seller fairly represents the merchandise complies with all of Ebay’s terms of sale. Ebay can also be a great way to liquidate inventory if a business is closing or shutting down a warehouse

Craigslist. Sellers often forget about this closeout website. One of the best things about Craigslist is that it is more of a regional sales tool. It offers a great deal of flexibility for sellers because you can post just about anything for sale and you can target your reach by region. So for example, if you are selling excess inventory from a large warehouse and it is a situation where the inventory must be physically inspected, you can advertise to buyers in your area. If the warehouse you are liquidating is in San Francisco, you can advertise on Craigslist only in this area. If you are a small distributor selling closeouts in Springfield, IL, you can post listings of discontinued products and leftover merchandise only in this area.

There are hundreds more closeout websites that are perfect for liquidating merchandise. Other examples of great closeout websites to sell excess inventory and surplus merchandise are Newegg and Walmart.