How To Sell Excess Inventory And Downsize Your Business.

sell excess inventory

If you are trying to downsize your company, one of the first things you should do is sell excess inventory.Excess inventory buyers are always in the market for overstock merchandise, and you can search out these buyers online by researching inventory liquidators, closeout buyers or excess inventory buyers.

The problem with having too much inventory on hand is that it takes up valuable warehouse space, it costs money by tying up cash, and it gets in the way of buying and selling more profitable items. If you don’t sell surplus inventory it will likely accumulate in the warehouse and lose most of its value over time. This is why many large companies review inventory levels each quarter and liquidate any slow moving or dead stock. Basically, it is a good way to keep inventory in check and not stop old merchandise from piling up.

If you want to downsize your operation, it will be necessary to reduce overhead by eliminating employees, office space and warehouse expense. The best place to begin with the warehouse is to get rid of old stock you no longer want or need. Inventory liquidators will make you an offer to take everything you have, pickup from your dock, and pay you immediately. Excess inventory buyers are accustomed to dealing with all different kinds of consumer products including pet products, housewares, home accents, sporting goods, toys, crafts, etc. They will often sell the overstock to discount stores and closeout buyers at a deep discount so the consumer can pickup these deals at a fraction of the regular price.

When you sell excess inventory to inventory liquidators you should expect your products to end up in dollar stores, thrift stores, variety outlets or discount stores. These retailers sell inventory that distributors were unable to move to their regular customers because the items were either discontinued or overstock, or perhaps there was a package change or simply too much inventory. But whatever the reason, excess inventory buyers will find a home for your dead stock so you can get it out of your warehouse and stop paying good money to store bad inventory.

It always makes sense to sell surplus inventory rather than continue spending more and more money to keep it. Especially if your plan is to reduce inventory and downsize.