Closeout and
	   Overstock Questions

Q: I am liquidating my brick and mortar retail store. Can you help me?

A: Unfortunately we do not buy retail stores or retail boutiques. Since we are a wholesale liquidator with a wide distribution network, our closeout buyers specialize in purchasing larger sized inventories. We specialize in buying excess inventory from direct importers, factories, 3PL warehouses liquidating inventory, 3rd party logistics companies, Amazon sellers tired of excessive long term storage fees and wholesalers who need to sell excess inventory. Examples of some categories we purchase include closeout toys, excess stationery, overstock giftware, overstock home goods, hardware, overstock sporting goods, houseware closeouts, lawn & garden overstock, closeout pet products and much more. Our company liquidation process is easy, and we buy all categories of liquidation merchandise for our wide network of surplus inventory buyers around the globe.

Q: I am closing my wholesale business and have to liquidate excess inventory. How does the closeout process work to get rid of old inventory? Can your closeout buyers help?

A: This is more in line with what we buy because you have large quantities, and they are most likely big enough to meet our needs. There is no rule of thumb, but keep in mind we have both National and International distribution requiring us to purchase in large volume for our network of surplus inventory buyers around the globe. Our vendors liquidate closeouts for many different reasons including: slow moving inventory, warehouse closing or moving, canceled orders, downsizing warehouse, package changes, cash flow needs, excess merchandise, corporate bankruptcy, discontinued inventory, abandoned inventory, need warehouse space, need cash, liquidate Amazon inventory, shutting down operations and liquidating an online seller account, etc. We are one of the oldest surplus liquidators in the United States and we are also one of the largest excess inventory buyers.

Q: When liquidating wholesale closeouts and obsolete inventory how much do you pay? We are liquidating inventory for pennies on the dollar.

A: This is a tough question that doesn't have a straight-forward answer. What we can say is if you are ready to sell surplus inventory to a closeout merchandise buyer, we will be offering less than 70% of regular wholesale, and in almost all cases we have to buy below your import cost. Keep in mind if this is a bankrupt stock for sale or liquidation merchandise for sale, we are closeout distributors and the prices must be very low. But if this is surplus inventory you need to sell and it is important for you to keep this out of your everyday distribution channels, you should definitely call us and we will make you an offer. We are one of the most reputable and experienced wholesale liquidators in the industry and we have been buying closeouts since 1984. We buy truckload closeouts as well as company liquidations, and se sell B2B all types of wholesale closeouts and bankrupt stock. Keep in mind we are a wholesale liquidator and surplus liquidators so we must buy at an appropriate level for our discount market. We sell to a deep discount customer base where closeouts and liquidations are very competitive. We are one of the oldest surplus liquidators in the United States and we are also one of the largest excess stock buyers. Our customers buy surplus inventory at a fraction of the regular price, and are only interested in buying closeouts if the price is right. The good news is we guide you through the closeout process and we have 35+ years experience in closeouts.

Q: Where can I sell my excess merchandise and how fast will you pay me?

A: If you want to liquidate a company or sell obsolete inventory our closeout buyers can help you. To answer the question of how fast do we pay? Lightning fast. Terms on all of our P.O.s are Net 10 days because we keep enough cash on hand to pay you regardless of how well our business may or may not be doing. That means you will never hear us say "We're running a little slow because business is off", or "We hope you will understand we are paying late because blah, blah, blah". We understand you are likely liquidating merchandise and losing money on our transaction, so once your surplus inventory is received and checked into our warehouse you get paid in full. Within 10 days. As promised. Period. When it comes to inventory removal and bankrupt stock for sale, our company liquidation process is quick, easy and straight forward. If you need to sell obsolete inventory, you can count on us for an easy transaction.

Q: I am already liquidating my warehouse at a loss, do I have to pay the shipping costs too?

A: Rarely. We work with freight carriers throughout the country and almost always handle our own shipping. Give us at least 48 hours notice with details on our shipment (total pallets, pickup address, contact information, etc) and we will make all of the arrangements around your schedule. However, if you are liquidating Amazon inventory from various Amazon FBA warehouses we will make you an offer that includes shipping to our warehouse. We buy wholesale cargo of all categories including excess stock for sale of closeout toys, closeout housewares and closeout sporting goods. We buy overstock of thousands of items in hundreds of categories, and we have been buying closeouts and surplus liquidators for more than a quarter century. If you have a liquidation to sell and need to liquidate a company, we are professional liquidation buyers and are ready to make you an offer. We are always looking to buy closeouts so if you have discontinued inventory and you are looking to sell overstock inventory please call us right away. We are one of the oldest inventory liquidators in the United States and we have an excellent reputation. We will do our best to explain how our closeout process works and what you can expect when selling discontinued inventory.

Q: What happens to my overstock merchandise once I liquidate? What do liquidation companies do with all this surplus inventory?

A: We have been buying wholesale closeouts and liquidation merchandise for more than 35 years. Fortunately, over time, we have built a large network of closeout buyers who buy excess inventory and liquidations. These consist of independent surplus outlets and regional off price chains both in and out of the United States, and in most cases they are retailers in a secondary market outside of your normal distribution channels. We believe we do an excellent job of buying excess inventory and distributing products in a way that will not hurt your regular market, or interfere with your everyday distribution channels. We specialize in B2B wholesale we and consider ourselves one of the top liquidation services in the industry. You can submit your inventory right here on our closeout website and we will get back to you as soon as we review your offers. We have been buying closeouts for more than 35 years and we were one of the very first closeout websites online. If you are looking for a company to buy surplus inventory and you need to sell surplus inventory, call Merchandise USA.

Q: Can I list my excess inventory on your website? Will you sell excess inventory for me?

A: No. All closeout merchandise on our website has been purchased and is owned by Merchandise USA. We are not a listing or referral service; we are a bonified surplus buyer for your closeout, excess and overstock merchandise. Our goal is to make a deal with you to purchase all of the inventory you want to liquidate so you no longer have to deal with it. We are surplus inventory buyers and we ship everything to our warehouse, pay you in full, and go about selling the discontinued inventory to our closeout buyers and surplus inventory buyers around the globe. We distribute our products throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, South America and Mexico. If you need to get rid of excess inventory please contact us with all details so we can review and give you an immediate answer about your excess inventory liquidation. If you allow old merchandise sitting in the warehouse too long, it will reach the point where the inventory has little or no value to closeout buyers and you will have to donate it or even worse throw it away. Closeout buyers like Merchandise USA prefer to buy fresh product while it still has some life cycle and can be distributed to closeout buyers who will be willing to buy it for a discount. It is very difficult to liquidate inventory that is old, dirty, and has been sitting in a warehouse for many years. You will have the most luck with excess inventory buyers if you begin to work on getting rid of old merchandise as soon as possible.

Please feel free to call us if you have additional questions about selling closeouts, liquidating overstock and disposing of excess inventory or selling discontinued merchandise.