What It Means To Be A Wholesale Liquidator.

buyers of surplus inventory, buyers for extra stock

When a business has leftover inventory due to moving or closing down a warehouse, there is often a huge pile of merchandise left behind that needs to be disposed of . It is the job of the wholesale liquidator to find buyers for extra stock or buyers of surplus inventory.. This can be done by hauling the merchandise off site to another warehouse, or bringing in buyers for extra stock who can buy merchandise from the current warehouse. But in every case it is up to the wholesale liquidator to assess the merchandise, then either make arrangements to buy it and move it off site, or sell surplus merchandise in bulk as is.

There are all different kinds of buyers for extra stock like this. There are retail store buyers who specialize in purchasing warehouse liquidations, there are wholesalers who specialize in buying merchandise that companies need to dispose of, there are thrift organizations and discount variety chains, and distributors who can auction this kind of merchandise. In all cases these are companies that sell surplus merchandise and specialize in the market of discount merchandise.

It is also the responsibility of the wholesale liquidator to determine the value of the inventory. Once the seller has identified various buyers of surplus inventory who may potentially be able to take everything, the liquidator must review the inventory, assess its value, and determine what it can be sold for. When you sell surplus inventory there is no set price for what it is worth, but the wholesale liquidator can determine a price range that it will be worth to similar buyers all in the same industry.

There is no shortage of buyers of surplus inventory, so with some research and patience it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a home for excess inventory. The key to the process is find a reliable wholesale liquidator with experience so you can count on them to do a good job. Once you make a connection with the right company it should be a fast and stress free process to sell surplus merchandise.