"I Had No Idea We Would Become a Leader in Liquidating
Overstock, Closeout and Excess Inventory"

Merchandise USA

In 1985, while in my final year at NIU, I was beginning to wonder exactly what I was going to do with my life. I had a major in journalism, a minor in advertising, no game plan, no strategy, and no desire to work at a traditional 9-5 job.

While trying to figure this out, I heard about a company in Downtown, Chicago that was going out of business. They were a wholesale dancewear distributor incorporated in the 1960's, and after many years they found themselves in a difficult overstock situation. The building was filled top to bottom with consumer goods, and the company needed to liquidate everything quickly and shut down their warehouse. I met with the owner who was retiring to Florida, and on a handshake we made an agreement that would change my life forever.

Although I had no idea what was going to happen, I bought their entire excess inventory with money I had been saving since childhood. I rented a U-Haul truck and moved the inventory from an old multi story building back to my parents house, where the living room was converted into a make shift warehouse. With a little confidence and a lot of faith I managed to graduate college, liquidate everything within a few months, invest the profits into more wholesale merchandise, and begin building this company. Today we buy all categories of overstock, excess and closeout merchandise, and major corporations turn to us when they are in need of liquidating their surplus inventory.

Some of our categories include closeout toys, closeout housewares, closeout giftware, furniture closeouts, excess sporting goods, overstock glassware, surplus housewares, overstock apparel, closeout pet products, and excess lawn and garden merchandise. We are always in the market for great deals we can pass onto our customers.

Although there have been speed bumps (and a few collisions) along the way. We grew from a living room, to a small storefront, to a 2,700 square foot garage, to a 7,000 square foot space, then 10,000 square feet, then 30,000 square feet, and today we occupy more than 100,000 square feet of space. We are one of the most respected surplus liquidators in the industry, and I am grateful to everyone who helped us along the way.

Thanks to our excellent customer and vendor relationships, in 2021 we are celebrating 37 years in business.

-Jay Lazar, President



Everything you just read is 100% true.

My name is Jay Lazar and I founded this company in the house where I grew up almost 37 years ago. My story above is true and although brief, this is pretty much exactly the way it all happened. The only constant through all the years was change, and the velocity of change has increased most recently with Amazon taking such a strong position, and traditional retail fighting to keep its doors open. I have no way of knowing where closeouts will go from here, but as long as companies continue to overbuy and make purchasing mistakes, I believe there will be closeout opportunities. We make the liquidation process easy by working with vendors as partners, and buying overstock and surplus inventory from importers and 3PL warehouses who are shutting down and liquidating. If you are going to sell to a liquidator make us your #1 choice for getting rid of unwanted merchandise.

Buying closeouts is the foundation of our business.

Part of being an excess inventory liquidator means we are always on the lookout for exciting wholesale deals We spend everyday looking for wholesale novelty merchandise, Halloween closeouts, closeout Christmas merchandise, wholesale home décor, closeout toys, overstock apparel, retail liquidation merchandise, wholesale bulk merchandise, and other overstock items for sale. If you are liquidating pet products or having a general merchandise liquidation, our business model relies on our ability to consistently offer our customers great closeouts on dog supplies, bulk craft closeouts, overstock clothing, online dollar store items, and other wholesale products for resale. If you are closing your business and selling inventory, or moving to a smaller warehouse and liquidating merchandise, please call us today. We are experts if you need help in the liquidation process and can help you free up warehouse space.

Why turn to an inventory liquidator?

One of the best things we have going for us is our great reputation. We have been buying wholesale products for resale for more than 35 years. Our vendors know we always pay quickly and new suppliers are always reaching out to us with their wholesale closeouts, bulk items for sale, liquidation pallets, wholesale online deals, cheap bulk products, wholesale pet products, sporting goods overstocks, and other pallet liquidations. We are one of the largest wholesale liquidators in the country, and we are professionals when it comes to selling surplus inventory and getting rid of closeouts. We have been an inventory liquidator since 1984 and know how to make the liquidation process go as smooth and easy as possible.

What is a closeout sale and why sell to a liquidator?

There are many different reasons for something to be a closeout or overstock. Most often, products are introduced to the wrong market or they are introduced at the wrong price or the wrong time, leading to disappointing sales. A closeout company like ours steps in to buy in bulk at a liquidation sale, and we put the product for sale at reduced pricing. Very often we buy discontinued inventory at deep discounts because the market changes often and what was a good seller last season may no longer sell this season. We find sporting goods closeouts often because they are slow moving inventory outside of the summer months. We get Halloween closeouts or overstock Christmas products often because these categories are Seasonal. But we are always buying wholesale liquidation merchandise for one reason or another. If you overbought merchandise or are moving to a smaller warehouse we can help. If your warehouse is shutting down or you are closing your business we can buy all your inventory. We may also be able to help if sales have slowed down and it has become too competitive on Amazon.

Merchandise USA is a wholesale liquidator specializing in closeouts and overstocks.