Use Flash Sales To Sell Obsolete Inventory.

buyers for overstock, surplus inventory buyers

Flash sales can be a great way to sell inventory closeouts and surplus merchandise. A flash sale is when an online store offers large discounts or promotions for a short period of time. The main goals of a flash sale are to get online shoppers to impulse buy, to increase your short-term sales, or to sell your surplus merchandise. It is an excellent opportunity for any closeout warehouse to offer customers an opportunity to buy liquidation stock at discounts. These sales target inventory liquidation buyers and closeout buyers who look for deals and price reductions of more than 50% off.

In order for flash sales to be effective, you can only hold them every once in awhile. If you constantly offer your customers an opportunity to buy liquidation stock at big discounts, the sale has little impact because it isn’t anything special. Flash sales should only be held once every 30 to 45 days as a way to move large volumes of inventory closeouts, excess inventory and surplus merchandise. Inventory liquidation buyers can take advantage of flash sales by offering online sales at large discounts for a limited time. This helps create a sense of urgency similar to deals offered from a closeout warehouse or discount liquidator.

Flash sales can be an effective way for new customers to test drive your products. If they’re satisfied, you will likely gain a new buyer who will come back again and again looking to buy your inventory closeouts and discounted deals. Customers who like bargains are always on the lookout for liquidation stock and may respond favorably to flash sales. These Inventory liquidation buyers often buy on deal sights or look for closeout deals on sites like Groupon.. They are the perfect customers for flash sales and overstock inventory.

When your closeout warehouse promotes the flash sale, make it known that your inventory liquidation buyers only have a limited time to get in on the deal. You want to let all of your customers know you're only selling a limited number of products for a short period of time. Your goal is to create a sense of urgency for customers so they act quickly. If you can create a sense of excitement and convince your customers that you are having a one time closeout warehouse sale that won’t last, you are likely to have a successful flash sale.