I’m Liquidating Pet Products and Need to Find a Closeout Buyer Quickly.

The pet supply and pet products industry is a 100 billion dollar industry. It is huge and continues to grow because people are spending more and more money on their pets. This means there are always going to be pet product liquidations, closeouts on pet products and warehouses filled with pet products that will be closing down and shutting down.

Merchandise USA is one of the largest buyers for liquidations of warehouses and we are buyers of surplus and closeout inventory of all kinds. It just so happens we buy a lot of pet product closeouts. Our customer base consists of closeout buyers, warehouse operators and buyers of liquidations. So if you need to get rid of pet products or get rid of excess inventory of any kind, we can be a very good source for you. We have been in business more than 35 years and we have an excellent reputation for being a reliable and honest company to work with.

We often get calls from Amazon sellers who need to liquidate pet products due to long term storage fees killing their profits. Since so many Amazon sellers carry pet bowls, dog leashes, dog leads, pet beds, pet toys, chew toys, pet carriers, etc, we have become experienced in liquidating pet products. We also get calls and emails from distributors of pet products who are moving warehouses or shutting down operations and this is another reason we buy pet product closeouts.

You also might just have slow moving inventory to get rid of due to Covid-19. This has been very common, not only in the pet industry but in all industries. But since the pet industry has grown so much, and so many pet owners are buying pet items for their dogs, it has generated a lot of closeouts. Some items don’t sell well and need to be liquidated because there is too much competition on Amazon and it has become difficult to make any money. Also, the high warehouse costs have made it challenging to be profitable and in some cases it just makes more sense to get rid of slow moving stock. Merchandise USA buys overstock inventory and specializes in selling discontinued inventory.

So if you are looking for a closeout buyer to help you reduce your inventory, feel free to call us today. It is our goal to help you convert inventory to cash in a stress free and fast transaction. We pride ourselves on dealing with all kinds of closeout buyouts and we are confident in our ability to help you sell overstock or liquidation merchandise that is taking up valuable warehouse space.

Also keep us in mind for any business associates or friends you have who need to liquidate inventory. It can be housewares liquidations, home décor liquidations, sporting goods liquidations or closeouts of any other general merchandise. We are closeout buyers for all general merchandise that could have originally been intended for Walmart, Walmart.com, Target, Target.com, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, TJX, or any other major retailer including Amazon.com.