FAQ's When Selling Excess Inventory

Common Questions And Answers When It Comes To Selling Excess and disconinued Inventory.

Where Can I Sell My Inventory Fast? If you are trying to get rid of merchandise for cash there are plenty of options to help you. First, you can discount your price to sell the merchandise to your existing customers, Second, you can donate the inventory for the write-off, or you can take a loss and get rid of merchandise by selling to an overstock buyer. Another thing you can do is research the best closeout companies in the United States and contact all of them to see which is your best option for liquidating. Closeout buyers like this specialize in liquidating your stock for cash and will often make you an offer to buy everything in one fell swoop. Merchandise USA is buys excess inventory of all shapes and sizes.

How Can I Get Rid of Old Merchandise? You may have old stock that has been in the warehouse for a long time. This kind of inactive merchandise is pretty much dead stock and must be sold off for whatever you can get in the closeout business. When merchandise sits in the warehouse too long it begins to show its age and becomes difficult to sell. This is why it is always better to get rid of slow moving merchandise as soon as you see it is not selling.

Where is the Best Place to Find a Liquidator? If you are researching where to find the largest buyers for closeouts and overstock you should probably start online. If you are closing down your business or want to shut down your warehouse, you will find most of these buyers on the internet. And if you are looking for closeout buyers who you can trust, there will be a large number of companies who will publish their history and credentials online. Getting rid of old merchandise should be easy if you are willing to invest some time.

Where do I Find Buyers if My Warehouse Is Closing? There are many different kinds of liquidators. Some closeout companies buy out entire warehouses, some liquidators buy discontinued products, and some overstock companies only want to buy in small quantities for resale to small retail stores. This is why it is important to know what your inventory levels are and know how much you want to liquidate and also the prices you are asking.

How Can I Sell Slow Moving Items For The Best Price? When it comes to getting rid of merchandise you have to liquidate, you will have to sell at a loss. Since we buy bankruptcy, liquidation, overstock, overstock and discontinued merchandise we are buying at prices below wholesale. We can put money in your pocket quickly and pickup right away, but you will not be able to recover your cost. We will be able to make you an offer for your merchandise that will be competitive in the closeout business.

Where Can I Liquidate Inventory? There are many places to get rid of too much merchandise. Maybe you overbought and have too much merchandise in your warehouse, or if you have to close your warehouse and want to sell everything we can also help you. Call Merchandise USA at (888) 757-0060. We will make you an offer for all of your inventory and help you with an easy, seamless and quick transaction. We buy everyday from companies with too much merchandise.

Where Can I Sell Slow Moving Products? Slow moving merchandise is a problem inventory. It ties up cash flow that you need to invest in other merchandise. This is the result of poor inventory management or inaccurate forecasting. You may also have shipped orders late or had cancellations resulting in you having excess inventory you need to clear from the warehouse.

Merchandise USA buys canceled orders, late shipments, overstock merchandise, liquidations and excess merchandise of all categories. We pay immediately and pickup your warehouse closeouts ASAP.