How To Sell Closeout Brand Name Inventory. Without Backlash.

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Selling closeouts can be tricky when you want to get rid of overstock of name brand goods. First, you don’t want to sell them into a market where you can jeopardize your regular sales. When you sell excess inventory it's important to be able to identify markets that won't interfere with your regular distribution channels. Second, you certainly don't want closeout websites and off price retailers selling your branded goods at a fraction of the regular cost.

So you have a few options. First, you can request that any buyers not advertise your closeouts. It is still possible to sell excess inventory in a manner where there is no promotion or advertising bringing attention to your brand name. If you are dealing with closeout websites you can request they only advertise by referring to your surplus inventory as “Nationally branded goods” or “name brand merchandise”, without giving any specifics as to your name.

It it is too expensive or time consuming to have to remove all your labels or tags, it is possible to simply cover them up or mark them out. We've all been to discount stores where the old price and name a covered up with a black marker so the consumer doesn't see it. This was likely closeout inventory being sold by a factory or brand owner who did not want their name to be known.

Another thing you can do is remove any tags or labels from your overstock merchandise. This will allow any closeout distributor to sell your merchandise however they see fit. There will be no brand names to promote or advertise because the inventory will not be identified as such. You can still have great closeouts on non branded inventory, even if you remove your brand name. The quality and materials of your product will be enough to make it a valuable closeout if it is priced right.

It is also possible you may not care if your brand is released into the overstock market. Many brand owners aren’t threatened by their products being sold in the discount market. As long as their products are out in overstock retail stores or selling on closeout websites they consider it a good thing. As long as the consumer continued to purchase and use their products they consider it a win.

We all have to sell excess inventory at some point, otherwise our warehouses will fill up with old merchandise. It is a simple fact and a necessary evil when you are in the wholesale distribution business. But closeouts and overstock don't have to be a stressful experience; and they certainly don't have to be a problem just because they are branded or licensed goods. There are always a variety of options when it comes to getting rid of excess inventory; some are just better than others depending on your specific situation.